Zebra label printer software, driver & user’s manuals


Simple and free label design software for Zebra label printers. A paid version is also available which adds support for reading from external databases.

ZebraDesigner 2 (classical layout)
ZebraDesigner 3 (modern layout)

Zebra Setup Utilties

An application for configuring printer network settings, bluetooth, wifi, print speed, darkness and many other settings.

Zebra Setup Utilities

Zebra driver

With a USB connection, a computer automatically detect the printer and install the corect driver. If you have a network connection, download the driver and run the installer. Driver is compatible all Zebra label printers, both 32 and 64bit windows.

Zebra driver (old classical layout)
Zebra driver (new modern layout)

User’s Manuals

Bluetooth User Guide

Programming Guide (ZPLII ZBI 2Set-Get-Do Mirror WML)

RFID Programming Guide 3

Wired and Wireless Print Servers User Guide

Zebra printer driver on a Linux (CUPS)


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