How to Print on Heawy paper With Sharp Printers

A3 paper

Printing on heawy paper and envelopes requires selecting the correct printing mode. It is very important to determine the type of paper to print on. If you not do so, it will causing the paper to get stuck in the machine and, in the worst case scenario, damage the printer’s fuser module, which can be very costly to repair or replace.
The following guide shows printing on heawy paper weighing between 221g and 256g, which corresponds to a type of paper called “Heavy Paper-3” in the printer’s specifications.
If you are using paper or other media of different weights (envelopes, stickers, etc. …), select the appropriate paper or media type instead of “Heavy Paper-3” in the following guide:

Thin Paper 55-59g
Heavy Paper-1 (thicker paper 106-176g)
Heavy Paper-2 (thicker paper 177-220g)
Heavy Paper-3 (thicker Paper 221-256g)
Heavy Paper-4 (257-300g thicker paper)
Recycled (recycled paper from waste paper)
Labels (stickers and envelopes)
Transparency (films)
Glossy Paper (Glossy and Photo Paper)
Embossed Paper (coated or embossed paper)

You can find the paper weight or media type on the packaging.

NB! If you do not know the weight of the paper and it is not detectable, always select the maximum paper weight that the printer can provide, perhaps Heavy Paper-4 (up to 300g) and double-sided printing, Heavy Paper-3 (up to 256g). Double-sided printing on paper thicker than 256g is not recommended and may cause a paper jam.
Never use thicker paper than is permitted in the printer’s technical specification. When printing, always use media (papers, stickers, transparencies,  etc …) designed for use in laser printers.

The guide “How to Print on Heawy paper With Sharp Printers” uses an example of printing a PDF from a Windows computer by opening the file with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. When printing from other applications (word, powerpoint, etc …), options 1 to 3 may differ slightly from those shown here.

Open the document you want to print and select:

1) File

2) Print

Click file, print
From the following window, select:

3) Properties

Click Properties
From the following window, select:

4) Paper Source

5) Paper Type
(Heawy paper-3)


Print Properties
Once the previous selections are done and the print command is given, go to the printer and touch the following buttons on the printer touch screen:

6) OK

7) Tray Settings

Load paper


Bypass Tray

Select Paper Tray


Heavy Paper 3



to confirm selections

Select Paper Type

Load the paper into the manual feed slot of the printer.


If the previous selections were correct, the printer should automatically print the desired job after loading the paper in the Bypass Tray.

If you want to set options 4 and 5 to the printing defaults, you can do it by following the instructions below:
How to set default printer preferences in windows.

This guide uses the Sharp MX series color laser printer as an example:

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