How to Set Default Printer Preferences in Windows


Press the Windows logo key (1) on the keyboard and the R key (2) at the same time. T400 Keyboard
In the window that opens, type control printers and click OK. Windows RUN
From the list of printers, right-click on the desired printer and select Printing preferences. Printer Right Click
In the window that opens, make the choices you want, such as setting the printer to simplex (1) and black (2) by default. Click OK to confirm your selections.

The printer’s default settings are now set.

Printing Preferences


Disable TEC B-SX6T Auto Calibration

The procedure is as follows:


power on the printer. You let it auto calibrate to see the ON-LINE message on the display.


press PAUSE to pause the printer


press RESTART and keep holding it for 4 seconds to go to the User Menu


the printer shows <1> RESET


press FEED (5x) to go to <6> AUTO CALIB


press PAUSE (1x) to enter AUTO CALIB


press FEED until you can see OFF


press PAUSE (1x) to go back to <6> AUTO CALIB


press RESTART (5x) to go to <1> RESET


press PAUSE (1x) to reboot the printer

The printer should start with Auto Calibration de-activated.

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